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introducing the ijetcolor

Can you Do more with an envelope?

The Most Affordable Envelope Solution with:

Speeds between 1,500-4,000/hr

Feed size up to 9.5" x 17"

Feed thickness up to 1/48"

The Most Profitable envelope Solution with:

Speeds up to 6,000/hr

Feed size up to 10.5" x 17"

Feed thickness up to 3/8"

The Fastest, Most Rugged Solution with:

Speeds over 7,120/hr

Feed size up to 14" x 17"

Feed thickness up to 1"


What Printers are Saying About the iJetColor

"we're getting a lot more envelope jobs because it has allowed me to drop my envelope price at least in half because of the cost savings."

"I cannot say enough good things about the ijetcolor."
"i call her "jet". she's my favorite of all my machines."
"The iJet has been a game-changer for our industry."
"I was very happy with how flawlessly everything worked."
"this thing is flawless from the start to the finish."
"we've already ordered our second ijetcolor."
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